Rosetta Stone achieved 90% of new hires’ training with TalentLMS

“TalentLMS has made training our new employees painless.”

LocationVirginia, US
Use caseOnboarding Training
Size of company


About Rosetta Stone

Founded in 1992, Rosetta Stone pioneered the use of interactive software to accelerate language learning and is widely recognized today as the industry leader in providing effective language programs. With their intuitive methods of teaching languages, they have evolved continuously and have since expanded in 2013 beyond language alone. Gaining new acquisitions, they prove that eLearning and online training is bigger than ever. Their vision of education-technology is inspiring for all looking to expand their knowledge in languages or beyond.

The training challenge

Our customer service department needed a way to effectively train new employees while still measuring success. These were our two main requirements for an LMS and we found that TalentLMS delivered in both areas.

Why TalentLMS

We found TalentLMS to be a cost-effective solution that allowed us to organize training using customized courses and measure effectiveness through testing. We also found that it was simple to utilize within our company and we were able to commence training quickly, which suited our requirements perfectly.

TalentLMS is definitely a cost effective solution and has allowed us to organize training while measuring effectiveness through testing.


Our customer service department was able to organize all of our training resources without any hassle and created customized courses quickly to begin training new employees, fulfilling our needs completely.

With the extensive testing features within TalentLMS, being able to quantify the effectiveness of the training we were providing, was also achievable for us. As this was of paramount importance, we were happy to discover that we are now able to provide 90% of our training through eLearning Courses in TalentLMS while measuring knowledge absorption for content improvement. This gives us a full understanding of how the training is working and which areas need modifying for ultimate effectiveness. In general, this has improved our internal online training dramatically and streamlined the process in the meantime.

TalentLMS has proven to be very useful and has made training our new employees painless!

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