The white label LMS built for your training home to look & sound like you

Customize your logo, colors, layout, and domain for a better learner experience.


From color and font tweaks to domain mapping,

now you have an entirely custom online training home

Put your stamp on it

Your training home should look like it’s part of your org. With our white label LMS options, you control the look and feel of your portal, starting with the most recognizable features.

  • Add your logo and favicon

  • Change the colors of your portal

  • Create a branded homepage for learners to sign in

Remove all traces of us

It wouldn’t be a white label LMS if we shared the credit. Remove all traces of us and impress your learners with a user-friendly training environment with your name on it.

  • Set up domain mapping and direct your learners to a custom domain name 

  • Activate Single Sign-on (SSO) so that your learners can use the same credentials for your other business software

Change the details

Our white label LMS customization options don’t just stop at color. You can fine-tune your portal in such a way to match your branding and your training strategy, too.

  • Edit our messages, emails, and notifications and inject your voice

  • Change fonts so that your courses suit the trademark style of your enterprise

  • Use your own badges for a gamification strategy built to motivate your teams

Image of TalentLMS badges dashboard

Make it yours

For more changes, both in appearance and functionality, TalentLMS supports CSS and JavaScript.

Create a branded mobile app

With our white label app option, you can create a branded learning environment on mobile for your learners. Once customized, the mobile app, like the white label LMS, looks and feels like your organization.

  • Specially designed for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices

  • Learners can download it from Google Play and Apple Store using your brand name

Want extra functionality?

With 1000+ native and third-party apps, you can transform TalentLMS into the exact LMS you need for your workflows.

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More features to create a great experience

  • Multitenancy

    Build isolated training hubs so you can train different audiences from a single account.

  • Multilingual

    Automatically change the platform to speak the language your learners speak. 

  • Learning paths

    Create automated learning paths so that the experience feels relevant to each user. 

  • Gamification

    Increase engagement and boost training adoption by enabling game mechanics. 

Discover more features

Use the name your learners already trust – yours

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