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GoToMeeting with TalentLMS:
Face-to-face training, even when afar.

Host training sessions, not just video calls. Offer a complete classroom-like, interactive
learning experience by integrating TalentLMS with GoToMeeting.

Host and manage live webinars in comfort. Repeat as needed.

Deliver Training in One Platform | TalentLMS - GoToMeeting

Deliver all your training in one platform.

Stay in the loop without signing in and out of different tools.

Track Training with GoToMeeting | TalentLMS - GoToMeeting

Track progress and attendance

See who's registered, attended, or even paid attention.

Training Library | TalentLMS - GoToMeeting

Keep past training sessions ever-present

Turn live webinars into courses, create a library, and save time.

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Autodesk | TalentLMS Customers
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Rosetta Stone | TalentLMS Customers
ACL | TalentLMS Customers

Train from home, increase productivity, make learning stick.

Training Videoconferences | TalentLMS - GoToMeeting

Host live videoconferences in the comfort of your home office

  • Combine online courses with instructor-led training sessions for a blended learning experience.
  • Get all the benefits of classroom training without having to physically be in one.
  • Use GoToMeeting for training to reach out to your learners in real-time, even if they’re a thousand miles away.



Training Presentations | TalentLMS - GoToMeeting

Use presentations to increase employee productivity and collaboration

  • Share your screen and apps to boost interaction with your teams.
  • Use drawing tools and brainstorm on a virtual whiteboard to get your points across, despite being afar.
  • Measure training effectiveness with follow-up quizzes and post-evaluation surveys.
Record Conferences | TalentLMS - GoToMeeting

Record your conferences and build a training bank

  • Store videoconferences in TalentLMS, and create a video library for a lifelong learning experience.
  • Allow your teams to revisit past sessions from any device, any time, and jog the memory of those who might need a refresher.
  • Use your training bank to save time and never deliver the same training twice.

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Works well with others

TalentLMS integrates with all the tools you already use. Get out-of-the-box powerful integrations and never switch between platforms again.

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Checks all your boxes

From course building and management to training delivery and reporting, our features take the hassle out of your employee training initiative.

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Our teams will get you on track to success, whether you have questions about your GoToMeeting LMS integration or other features.

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