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Step into the spotlight with The Training Excellence Awards

Presented by TalentLMS

Great training deserves to be celebrated.

The TalentLMS Training Excellence Awards honor your commitment to the success of your people and your organization through Learning & Development. This is your chance to share your training story, showcase the impact you’ve made, and gain industry recognition.

The awards

Through four distinct categories, we’ll acknowledge everything you’ve achieved with TalentLMS by your side. Tell us about your training and how you’re using your learning portal to make it happen.

We can’t wait to hear all about it—and reward you!

Entries have now closed!
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Top Training Program

No two training programs are alike. But what makes your training unique?

Tell us about how you’ve built your learning programs, which LMS features people enjoy the most, and what kind of accomplishments you’ve made with your L&D initiatives. 

The Great Results Award

Was there a point where you had to overcome a particular organizational challenge and managed to do so via training?

Share with us what kind of challenges you had to overcome and how Learning & Development helped you build a stronger organization.

The Positive Impact Award

In some cases,  training doesn’t just help your people. It has a larger impact on society or the environment. 

If that’s your story, we want to hear all about your training journey and how you’ve built and delivered sustainable training that makes a positive difference.

The Training Trailblazer Award

What happens behind the scenes of training shouldn’t stay that way forever. This is where we celebrate the hard work people put into building and delivering exceptional training.

Submit your entry for one of the three other categories, and you’ll be eligible for this one, too. Nominate the person who made your L&D programs a success (yes, you can nominate yourself!), and honor their efforts.

Why should I enter?

Great training helps people grow. And that’s an achievement of its own. But what about all the behind-the-scenes work? 

Now it’s your time to shine and get recognized for being a dedicated member of the training community.  We’re not talking about a friendly pat on the back (though that’s always appreciated). The TalentLMS Training Excellence Awards will give you the public recognition you deserve and help you showcase the difference that your successful training programs have made.  

How do I apply?

As long as you have a current paid TalentLMS plan, you can submit your entry for any or all of the categories by filling out a short online form (see the «enter now» buttons in the section above). Then, you can choose whether you’d like to be considered for the Training Trailblazer Award, too (go all-in, we say).

Each category form is a little different, but we want to know about the challenges your department or organization was facing, how you built your L&D programs, and what kind of results you’ve seen. Our judging panel will evaluate all applications and shortlist finalists and winners in each category.

All finalists will be awarded a virtual badge to share proudly with their peers and network to celebrate their success, as well as a special gift from us. And, during a live virtual event, winners will be announced and awarded their trophy — with more rewards and surprises yet to be announced! 

Our guest judges

We’re proud to introduce our guest judges who will join our panel of judges to contribute to the awards program with their insight and expertise.

Nicole Papaioannou Lugara, PhD

L&D Strategist, Founder of Your Instructional Designer

Nicole is not your typical L&D strategist. With an adventurous spirit and a passion for making learning meaningful, she is the driving force behind Your Instructional Designer, a dynamic learning and people development agency specializing in social learning strategy and design for distributed teams. Nicole has achieved remarkable outcomes throughout her career yet her true mission is to create learning experiences that foster connection, purpose, and a shared sense of belonging.

Anna Sabramowicz

Coach to L&D Professionals, Interactive Storytelling Maven

Anna had a dream to create truly engaging e-learning experiences. In 2010, she took a leap of faith and left her corporate job to start her own freelance e-learning business.

The journey was full of growth, challenge and many hard earned lessons. Today she coaches new Instructional Design freelancers on how to take their own leap…without making the mistakes she did. 

Frequently asked questions

Who can enter the awards?

Anyone with an active paid TalentLMS plan.

Who needs to submit the entry?

As the account owner, the administrator, or the lead trainer, you can submit your entry by providing your training portal url.

Are there any entry limitations?

No, you can submit your entry regardless of your organization’s size, industry, location, and training audience.

Is there an entry fee?

No! All you have to do is share your L&D story and how you’re using your portal for training—and leave the rest to our awards team. 

Is there a deadline for entry submissions?

The submission deadline is 16 August, 2023

Can I save my submission and continue it later?

Absolutely. We know you may need to complete your submission over time. At the bottom of your selected submission form, you’ll see a «save and continue later» button. Simply click the button and follow the prompts to either copy your form’s link or have it emailed straight to your inbox. Remember to make sure you’ve received the link before closing the form.

Can I apply for multiple award categories?

Yes. Have a look at the different categories, choose the one(s) for which you want to submit your entry, and fill out the form(s). When you submit your entry for any of the three awards (Top Training Program, The Great Results Award, The Positive Impact Award), you become eligible for the Training Trailblazer Award, too. Your entry to this award is optional.

How do I enter the Training Trailblazer Award?

To submit your entry for the Training Trailblazer Award, you need first to apply for any of the other three categories (Top Training Program, The Great Results Award, The Positive Impact Award). Then, all you’ll have to do is nominate yourself or your team’s L&D hero by answering one final question. You simply opt-in for this award as the last stage of the submission form when you enter any of the other three categories 

I submitted my entry. What’s next?

Submissions that are shortlisted as finalists will be advised and awarded a finalists badge. Winners will be announced at our live virtual event. Keep an eye on this page and your inbox for more updates.