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TalentLMS’ cloud-based delivery platform was an intuitive choice for Galvanize.

“The ability to streamline and automate many processes has allowed us to invest our resources in developing a delightful learning experience.”

LocationVancouver, British Columbia
Use caseCompliance Training, Customer Training, Employee Training, Onboarding Training, Partner Training
Size of company


About Galvanize

Galvanize is a software provider, helping governments and the world’s largest companies quantify risk, stamp out fraud and optimize performance. To help customers succeed, Galvanize invests heavily in creating a Productivity Ecosystem, which increases customer’s abilities, saves them time and fills in gaps in their team’s skills, using resources, best practices and 24/7 online training.

The training challenge

We needed a platform that would allow us to manage various types of courses in our online training portal, Galvanize Academy, while still retaining the feeling that it was an extension of our community experience:

  • Customer-facing courses to enable our community of 14,000 organizations worldwide.
  • Certifications to set industry standards and recognize proficiency.
  • Internal courses to manage onboarding as well as policy and product training.

“Beyond a seamless experience, the ability to streamline and automate many processes has allowed us to invest our resources in developing a delightful learning experience.

TalentLMS Is Lovely

Some things we absolutely LOVE about TalentLMS are:

  • SSO integration

    Users are automatically created when they first access Galvanize Academy from our ecosystem.

  • Gamification

    Who doesn’t love to collect points and badges?

  • Localization support

    We use branches and the pre-configured language options to localize Galvanize Academy into multiple languages.

  • Reporting

    Apart from tracking internal completions, we offer automated Academy progress reporting for managers and team leads. Teams involved in the program complete courses 4x faster than those who are not. More info on the impact can be found on our blog.

  • Importing syntax

    This allowed us to automate complex processes such as: scheduling client progress reports and departmental reports, and rolling out new courses.

  • NPS and completion rate tracking

    We receive Academy user data on a scheduled basis, which we analyze to identify trends such as completion rates by course and year, Net Promoter Score (NPS) by course and year, and engagement trends.

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«I don’t think I found another platform that offered everything that TalentLMS offered.»


«Between allowing video, audio, presentations, i-frame and regular content, TalentLMS keeps our courses engaging.»


“How Abstracta closes skills gaps using TalentLMS”

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